<h6>We're back online and running! <span>Connect</span></h6> <h6>New content added monthly!</span></h6> <h6>We're back online and running! <span>Connect</span></h6> <h6>New content added monthly!</span></h6> <h6>We're back online and running! <span>Connect</span></h6> <h6>New content added monthly!</span></h6>

Server Info

Kingdom of Haven is a persistent NWN2 roleplay world based on Forgotten Realms 3.5. We've been established since 2007 and our website is r/http://www.kingdomofhaven.com and our discord is https://discord.gg/hwKYzEK. We're an 18+ server so expect some adult themes.

Here's some of our features!

  • Active server population. We average about 150 logins in a 24/7 period with an average of 30-50 players online most hours of the day and on the weekends there are more. We've hit 96/96 player online many times. You'll always find somebody online to play with.

  • Regular player & DM run events. Every week there are numerous events going on and plenty of things to do. DM staff is very active and regularly runs player events.

  • Dynamic spawn scaling system. Areas have monsters that auto-scale with your characters level and also your parties. An example is starting areas have creatures that scale between levels 1-15 and others areas are 15-30.

  • Fully implemented Legends Quest System. We have over 100 quests that players can complete while leveling up including new Daily Quests.

  • Custom crafting system. Want to play a merchant or crafter? We have a fully customized crafting system with 20 different crafting professions. You can fish, mine, enchant, craft, etc. and there is a dedicated merchant class

  • 30+ custom classes. Kingdom of Haven has its own uniquely crafted classes and a lot of stock NWN2 classes that have been updated as well.

  • A playtest server. Are you a build a-holic? We have our own separate server where you can login and create your own characters and get free XP to test out different builds as often as you want. It's a great way to test out builds to see if they fit you before you try them on the live server.

  • Dungeon hunting. We have several dungeons on the server which have normal and hardmodes as well if you want a challenge.

  • Instanced player and boat housing. We have a fully implemented housing system where players can buy different tiers of apartments and even purchase their own boat.

  • Custom house importing. We allow importing your own houses as well.

  • We have a clothes tailoring and barbershop shop where you can change your hairstyle, coloring, etc. KoH has the most custom outfits, hair, and heads on any NWN2 server presently.

  • Animation system for characters. We have over 100 animations that players can use.

  • Auction house and player storage system.

  • Guild based system. Haven is very much themed with various different factions and guilds that are player run.

  • RP token system. We have our own twist on the RP-XP system where you earn tokens from roleplaying and can turn them into XP tokens or other items.

  • Tons of custom items and a token system where you can buy those items from.

  • Regular custom content with monthly updates.

  • We were featured in Beamdogs magazine! Page 44